Wooden Toys To Make For Kids This Holiday Season

Wooden toys to make like this toy train.

Talk about eye candy.  These wooden toys to make for kids (be they 9 or 99) are so sweet you won’t be able to wait to get into your woodshop!  In addition to plans, trains and automobiles we’ve got some cameras, puzzles and even a tea set!

In a hurry? 
Here’s the best place to get plans for tons of toys like these!

Classic Wooden Crayon Car

Handmade wooden crayon car toy

Who didn’t have one of these as a kid?  I know I sure did. In fact, my grandfather made it for me and he made crayon cars for my kids, too.  Now I get to make them for my grandkids.  And with luck my great grandkids too!

Cool Wood Movie Camera

Old fashioned wooden movie camera toy.

Love the look of this old-timey wooden movie camera toy.  Can’t you just see the little ones running around “making movies” with this?  Heck, I’ll bet you’ll make a movie of them making a movie with it.  Good fun for everyone!

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Cute Wood Sewing Machines

Check out these two wooden sewing machine toys.

No need to worry about little fingers getting pricked with these toy wooden sewing machines.  Wee-ones can indulge their creative whims and make fairy dresses or cowboy hats in total safety.  

Sweet Wood Tea Set

DIY Toy wood tea set complete with tea bags and sugar cubes.

Tea time takes on a whole new meaning when you make a wooden tea set like this one for Santa to deliver.  No worries about chipped plates or broken tea pots when monsters are invited to sit down to tea with your kids!  Go ahead, let them invite a yeti if they want to. 

Wooden Walking Duck Push Toy

Walking duck wooden push toy for toddlers.

Ok, my grandfather made one of these wooden walking duck push toys for my daughter and she pushed it around so much the feet had to be replaced THREE times before she outgrew it. Higher praise cannot be found!

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Wood Puzzles With Natural Dyes

Wood puzzle for kids with safe all natural dyes.

Little kids love wooden puzzles and they love to put things into their mouths.  When you color the pieces with natural dyes (like Koolaid) not only have you made an heirloom wooden toy, you’ve made a toddler safe one too.

Spiffy Wooden Toy Airplanes

Wooden airplane toys for kids and adults.

Whether it’s Snoopy zooming thru the sky to take on the Red Baron or an Alaskan bush pilot dodging polar bears and wolves.  The sky’s the limit for the imaginative play you’ll spark when you make one of these sturdy wooden toy airplanes for the wee-ones.

Wood Camera Toy

Simple pink wood camera toy.

Gotta say we love this sweet, simple easy to make camera toy.  So easy to personalize with the favorite color of the kiddo’s on your holiday list.  Budding photographers will snap pics for Instagram all day with this new family heirloom. 

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Frozen Wooden Checkers Set

DIY wooden checkers set with star shaped wood pieces.

Who says checkers have to be round?  When you make your own wooden checker board toys as gifts you can make them any shape and color that pleases you and your little friends.  Why not make a set for Halloween with PUMPKIN pieces?

Pin Wooden Toys To Make For Later!

Wooden toys to make collage

Don’t you hate it when you go looking for a project idea but can’t remember where you found it?  Solution! Pin the image to your woodworking gifts board then you’ll always know where to find it!  

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