7 Small Woodworking Projects For Gifts

7 small woodworking projects for gifts

These small woodworking projects for gifts are great for new woodworkers wanting to show off their skills.  Each one is easy to complete and will make someones day as they pull it out of the gift wrap.  Just be warned, once you start passing out your handmade woodworking gifts, everyone will want you to make them one, too!

DIY Candy Dispenser 

DIY wood and mason jar candy dispenser filled with jelly beans.

As far as small woodworking projects for gifts go this one really rocks.  Kids of all ages will love this super cute candy dispenser.  Fill it with jelly beans as shown or whatever hard candy the person you’re giving it to loves for instant smiles!

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Tealight Candle Holders

Finished 4x4 tealight candle holder woodworking project.

Who doesn’t love candles?  We love how easy and customizable this diy project is.  The small amount of wood it takes means it’ll help you keep the scrap pile in your woodshop under control, too!. This small woodworking project makes the perfect gift for that special someone any time of year.

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Tiny DIY Bird House Ornament

Small wooden diy bird house ornament hanging in a tree.

Back when we were kids, my brother and I used to make tiny bird houses like this with our Grandfather.  He called them “mosquito houses”!  This is a scaled down model of the bird house plans found here.

Rustic Wood Slice Coasters

Rustic wood slice coasters small woodworking project.

One of the classic small woodworking projects for gifts are wood slice coasters.  The trick to these little fellows is to get them cut uniformly and and then seal them well with polyurethane.  You can see a fellow make a set of these right here.

DIY Over The Arm Sofa Table

Plain wood over the arm sofa table woodworking project.

Check out this over the arm sofa table.  Isn’t it one of the best small woodworking projects for gifts you’ve ever seen?  Who wouldn’t want one of these babies?  The one pictured here is as simple as they come but still quite lovely.  It totally lets the wood speak for itself. 

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Picket Fence Picture Clip

Two white wooden picket fence picture or art clips on a living room wall woodworking projects.

This picket fence picture clip is a great project to get kids involved with and they make lovely gifts.  Making them is a simple and forgiving process.  You’ll make lots of memories to share on them as your children or grandchildren help you craft them.

image source

Block Pen & Pencil Holder

Wood block pen and pencil holder decorated with silver and brass nails woodworking project.

Nothing could be easier to make or more lovely and useful than this wood block pen and pencil holder.  Made from a solid block of wood, you can let the grain speak for itself or call attention to it with some brass escutcheon pins and silver wire brads. BLINGTASTIC!  

image source

Pin Small Woodworking Projects For Gifts

Don’t you hate it when you go looking for a project idea but can’t remember where you found it?  Solution! Pin the image to your woodworking gifts board then you’ll always know where to find it!  

Small projects for woodworking collage of projects on page.
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We sure hope you like these small woodworking projects for gifts as much as we do.  When you make your own version of these projects we sure hope you’ll reach out and show them to us.  We’ll share them with the rest of our guests so they can be inspired by YOU!

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